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Company policy

First of all, we aim at quality, respect and safeguard of the environment, health care and security at work so to let our company grow, also in the processes where other parties are directly or not involved.

Therefore for us it is really important to improve continuously our management for a better business.

With reference to our business, sub-suppliers, products/services we commit:

  • to evaluate and manage the opportunities and risks of every working process.
  • to define the purposes and to consider every action/decision regarding quality, environment, health and security at work and follow them up;
  • to consider the customer’s requests in order to satisfy them and to improve the own competitiveness
  • to respect the requested applicable laws and to check repeatedly the compliance to the standards;
  • to safeguard the environment and adopt all necessary actions to avoid pollution.
  • to guarantee harmless and healthy working conditions and to do all to avoid dangers, reduce risks and prevent injuries and illnesses at work;
  • to be prepared to act correctly in case of emergencies;
  • to promote the meetings with the employees and their representatives so to ensure the productivity/services in compliance with the requested standards
  • to do all necessary to manage and improve effectively the requested standards of quality environment, health and security at work